Why Travelling is Important for Children

Why Travelling is Important for Children

Travel is the Best Education Kids can Have

Holidays usually mean travel and it makes the kids jump with joy and start dreaming about the journey. Though fun and enjoyment is the only thought roaming their minds but the process teaches many things not dreamt off. Vacations are like schools with short lifespan but highly ingrained teachings and kids learn the lessons effortlessly, well almost.

Parents should utilize this opportunity

After the announcement, parents should sit with their kids and discuss the travel plans. Ask kids for their inputs, and discuss freely. This makes their small ones grow and feel important. Now ask them to pack their own bags and take minimal clothes, so that they can carry them alone!

This is a very big ask and your kids may fumble a bit. But soon they will rejoice the freedom and step upon it quickly, only to realize choosing t-shirts, shorts or skirts is not an easy task. Your guidance can make the task easier when you advise them to divide the travel days and pack accordingly. Though you may hire a porter but tell them firmly, each one has his/her own bag.

Living off a suitcase

Introduce your kids to this term and explain how sports persons manage their foreign trips. Your princess, in a bid to save space may opt for a jumpsuit instead of frocks. Your stud may straightaway pick jeans instead of chinos. When their packing is over, parents can peep inside and confirm whether enough undergarments, kerchiefs, towels and toiletries are in place. If not, point this out and let them pick their items.

After a while, parents should try hearing any conversations. Many a time kids do discuss how to manage the trip with such a small inventory. This opportunity should work as an eye-opener and kids understand how preserving clothes is important to make the trip successful.

You would do a world of good if you carry special dresses for your children. Every trip has a secret event and when you pull a rabbit out, be prepared for the special expression your kids present. This also reaffirms their belief, their parents are really very special and  you are relieved that your kids have gorgeous dresses for the occasion.

Learning On the Go!

Parents have authority at home and have a say at everything nearby. But once out travelling, it is up to the kids to behave so that their parents are not held responsible for any mischief. Kids very well understand and get it in their stride. Controlled behaviour & aggression is a new lesson travelling teaches.

Learn to Enjoy Limited Food Palette

Kids quickly learn to leave their choosy & picky habits home as food options are limited. The only option is either to make do with whatever is available or stay hungry as light snacks like chips & wafers don’t satiate for long. This is a big improvement as many a time parents have a hard time improving kids’ eating habits.

Choosing Dark instead of Bright Tops

Bright coloured tops may look attractive, but soil quickly. This is the sole reason to choose dark t-shirts over the bright ones. Same is the comparison between jeans and trousers. Travel demands rough & tough wears that withstand all the rough with the smooth and can be reused as and when necessary.

Tidy Habits Save Everything from Losing

Keeping socks within shoes, kerchiefs and loose items together ensures you don’t lose any when moving from one location to another. One miss and it not only becomes a headache, and you can only blame yourself. Counting luggage items while boarding & deboarding a bus or train saves much troubles.

Parents may do these menial jobs but assigning it to their kids has its own merits. Kids now understand the importance and remain alert.

Bringing Back Sweet Memories

Today most mobiles have an inbuilt camera. Shooting memorable pics is something everyone does. Many try different angles, fore and backgrounds trying to get the best shot which they can boast back home. Kids too will try their hands and learn a lot about the various settings and effects and make positive inroads.

Travel opportunities are rare these days. But parents should make it a point to arrange a trip and allow kids to interact with strangers, deal with tough situations and grow. This encounter will go a long way making them an informed citizen.

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