Ways To Raise A Smart And Intelligent Child

Ways To Raise A Smart And Intelligent Child

Kids are not things to be molded but
People to be Unfolded

We all yearn to see our kids love learning and to enjoy reading. We feel lucky if they can wriggle out of complex situation and excel academically as well as in person life. But for all this to happen smoothly, we, as parents need careful planning, smooth execution and controlled behavior till they grow up. To help you out, we now put some small steps that prepare your kid for the long haul.

Walk the Talk and Set a Great Example

Kids watch what you say and what you do in the end. Let them watch how you live, how you plan and execute and how (as far as possible) things proceed smoothly. Kids idolize their parents and if as a role model, live life as you want them to live. Rest will happen on its own. For example, your kids will try to dress up well, just the way you do.

Show You Believe in your Kids

When your kids offer a reason, show belief and discuss as you are part of the group. If you find something amiss, discuss what could be done and be there to assist. Belief works in a big way and brings your kids closer. Just like when your kids point out towards latest clothing, do join in the discussion and help them pick the right dresses.

Praise your children for their effort …

Winning or losing is not in our hands but many simply don’t participate fearing a loss. But then they lose the experience that event might have enriched their lives. Encourage your kids always to participate, and this is what Lord Krishna advised!

Read with Your Kids

Whether you read a cartoon or a short story, one-act plays or a novel when you read as a partner, your kid’s comprehension, pronunciation improves substantially. Importance of punctuation marks, feelings of remorse, frustration, and pleasure all suddenly are self-explanatory.

Introduce Music Early in their Lives

kids usually take some time to learn a school lesson, but quickly memorize the song they love. This practice helps them in future as music boosts attention, memory, motivation and learning. Music also helps them unwind and dissolve frustrations. Dance is also an easy way of releasing frustrations. When you combine dance with special outfits, not only the expressions get better, the moves convey a totally different meaning.

No Compromise on Having Adequate Sleep

Sleep recharges batteries and kids can start working with full force. A tired mind is rarely constructive or content.  And it’s even worse for children than it is for adults. It is also important for many bodily functions and cutting corners has dangerous after-effects. Missing an hour of sleep turns a sixth grader’s brain into that of a fourth grader. For kids, every 15 minutes of sleep counts. Refreshed kids looks cute irrespective of the dress they are wearing!

Logical & Reasonable Rules Brings Closeness

Though this is debatable, but research shows that children generally get in trouble with too liberal parents. Many a time kids consider this that parents are not concerned about them. Hence many recommend that some logical and reasonable rules should be set so that everyone is careful and considerate.

Eat One Meal as a Family

Kids who enjoy at least one family meal together, have larger vocabularies, better manners, healthier diets, and higher self-esteem in the long run.  Most people recommend having dinner together as usually, they can discuss all day’s happenings and consult and then have some hearty laugh. Together they can call it a day. This activity increases familial bonding.

Reduce Your Stress and Kids know how to do

Yoga, meditation and keeping quiet are effective ways to deal with stress. Slowly kids understand the importance and start practicing from the young age. As a parent you can convince them that for effective meditation, comfortable clothes work wonders. Later same principles help them in life.

Kids like to follow the idols, their parents. Behave as you want them to be and both of you will be successful. It is not so difficult, just a way of life. A few good steps now could mean big dividends later. There is no harm trying, so why not start right now?


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