4 Tips for That Memorable Picnic

4 Tips for That Memorable Picnic

Bonding with kids is important but in today’s lifestyle, weekdays are too busy and only weekends give an iota of hope for seizing an opportunity. If you have a 2nd or 4th Saturday off, you can easily have a no holds barred holiday and keep the Sunday for relaxing. You can definitely have a lot of fun and your kids will anxiously await for it to arrive.

Problem is, planning a great picnic is different from actually having a great one. Many a time we plan in great detail, but conveniently forget an item or two behind and probably they are the most important ones. Don’t worry if this happens to you regularly because this time around we will help you plan with all the nitty gritty’s of what to pack and how much. This time around you will have a great weekend filled with fun and frolic and bring back lots of sweet memories.

1. Light Snacks

A picnic means lots of movement, running and jumping and you need to be light. Pack only light snacks because heavy items make you lethargic and not willing to move. Fruits do fit the bill because they give energy but keep you light as well. Similarly pack some sandwiches, bread rolls and some salad for variety. BTW, don’t forget a few lemons and salt & pepper to sprinkle.

Carry a small thermocol bucket with lid and have plenty of ice. Now you can even place your soft drinks and probably some fruits & vegetables to keep them from souring. Now you are ready for lots of sporting activity because once you are tired, the cold drinks will rev you up!

2. Toys for Collective Enjoyment

Kids always want to play with parents and the following items fit the bill perfectly. This list will not only add variety, it will keep your kids happy too.

  1. A lightweight but inflatable ball
  2. Badminton Set
  3. A board game like Ludo, or Scrabble where everyone can participate
  4. Blank paper sheets for making flying planes
  5. A pack of playing cards

Remember to make a lot of noise while playing so that the kids can see you are enjoying their presence. Try cracking a few jokes and sing even if you are a poor singer. Your kids will roll with laughter and they will remember this picnic for a long time. (Please don’t have any official work or calls, as it will only ruin your kids holiday).

3. Some Essentials to ward off any urgency

Though you may not need them in the normal course, but any unfortunate situation may always crop up that catches you unawares, so better be prepared.

  1. Tissue paper
  2. Old Newspaper to spread food items AND to sit on
  3. A torchlight
  4. Some safety pins
  5. Some emergency food

Pack the listed items and you are good to go. To add some variety, always try going to different places so that even exploring makes sense if for any reason you cannot indulge in sports.

4. Comfortable Clothes

No need to show off, and your kids will enjoy more in either t-shirts or tops. Your princess might even prefer the dress with shoulder ties. Jeans for girls are usually more rough and tough and you can let them decide their own dresses. After all this is their day and you need to fulfill their wishes.

Kids are every family’s lifeline. Happy kids relieve you of all your work related tensions. Earning is important but finding time for kids is more important for a close knit family. Picnics help you create the essential bonding and bring your kids closer. Organizing a well planned picnic not only fills your kids’ heart with pride but also their respect for you rises by a few notches. Why miss this opportunity?

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