How Playing Sports Benefits Children?

How Playing Sports Benefits Children?

Confidence is the makeup applied directly to the face and it shows.

One can spot a confident kid from a mile and it is evident irrespective of the clothes worn on. Even a plain t-shirt and shorts combo looks decent which the kid carries it off in style. On the contrary if the kid wears a well-styled combo surely it will be photography material no doubt!

We all talk how important sports is for our kids. Latest electronic gadgetry has made kids sedentary and alarmed parents are already seeing the rising obesity rate. We know that active children are more likely to become active adults. But sports is much more than just a means to an end trying to keep kids physically fit and active.

Research shows that sports have a high impact on child’s psychological and mental makeup. In addition, sporting activities teach them some extremely valuable life-skills too. Some of top psychological and social benefits are as follows:

1. Organization Skills

Every sport needs some organized basics like shoes, clothing, items & equipment in the right place. Miss out on any one and the game would never be ideal. Only the kid will be responsible for this fiasco. One occurrence will teach how to manage everything properly. Washed and ironed clothes including shirt & shorts, a handkerchief neatly folded and stored; clean shoes and socks placed on the shoe rack. This lesson is enough to get started. Next time the kid will neither be late nor found wanting on the gear!

2. Camaraderie

School becomes the first social circle where kids observe others who somehow maintain their uniform well. They may get some tips and use them protect their smart dresses. Joining a sports team outside school gives kids another social circle and a sense of belonging, topped with the opportunity to make new friends. Many a time this association continues forever and few become life buddies.

3. Learn to LoseGracefully

Winning and losing is part of every game and maintaining composure is important irrespective of the outcome. Bad sportsmanship is an ugly thing. No one likes a sore loser. But accepting defeat in a graceful manner is what makes a real hero.

4. LearnAuthority, Discipline & Responsibility

Sports teaches discipline and it often flows from the top to the bottom. To follow a set of rules, taking direction, and accepting decisions is a part of sports. Kids when directed to monitor a group, suddenly assume authority, show discipline and responsibly carry the orders out. Their faces gleam and their body speaks a different language altogether.

5. Learning to be patient

Unless a kid is born talented practice plays a large role in whichever sport or activity involved in. And practice teaches them to be patient. Sometimes situation demands the leader to show patient handling with extreme peaceful head. This can make the difference between winning and losing, and the one who comes on top shines like a bright star.

6. Controlling Emotions on Field

Hiding emotions is a tough ask, even for adults. But sports frequently throws up situations where negative decisions often rule the roost. The opposition desperately tries to know what is current emotional situation.

Every coach understands negative emotional stress hurts performance. The way he handles the situation, is deeply ingrained and the kid gets wise. Now, whenever a situation arises the kid will take the rough with the smooth.

Neighbours often notice every mannerism of such a kid. Which clothes he wears, which combinations suit his personality, how the kid accessorizes and so on. For them, the kid is a celebrity and following is fashionable.

7. Raising Self-Esteem

Mere participation in sports has a huge positive impact on kid’s self-esteem and confidence. Obviously, these kids get praise and encouragement from parents and coaches which builds self-confidence. Further, they learn to trust in their abilities and push themselves in every available opportunity. And this leads to another ability we cover next.

8. Academic Success

From sports the kid then exerts full force and shines in academics as well. They can apply  the dedication and hard work learned in sports towards their studies. So one aspect learnt in one field is tried out in other and often passes out in flying colours.

Participation in sports gets respect, recognition and praise. The essence earned can easily be applied in all fields and then overall development happens. Now people discuss what the kid eats, how the kid dresses up, converses and how maintains poise and so on. The rising star is always observed from all angles.

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