Celebrating Rakshabandhan – The Sweet & Pious Relation

Celebrating Rakshabandhan – The Sweet & Pious Relation

Kids’ eyes sparkle as Rakshabandhan lurks around the corner and why not? Both boys & girls get to move around in good dresses with choicest sweets. Though all the expenses are taken care of by the parents, girls though getting the safety assurance, have the task of selecting or making the best possible Rakhi for their brothers. Boys, on the other hand just move around and wait for the occasion dreaming about which combination dress they should wear.

While kids eagerly await the festival to arrive, shops selling designer threads and sweets constantly remind you of the occasion. All roadside shops load themselves with festive packs of snacks, juices and dry fruits and avoiding them is a big task of its own. Garment shops too join in the fun and display their latest clothes in choicest arrangement.

Tip for Girls to Catch Brother’s Appreciation

Tired of sifting through mounds of Rakhi at every shop? Fret no more as you can make yourself one which not only satisfies your imagination but also get brother’s appreciation. What’s more you can make one yourself, sitting in the comfort of your own home. Believe us; every brother would prefer something from his sister’s efforts than to a store brought one.

  1. Draw an outline on a 2-3 inch circle, and paint on any white paper and stick it on a thick cardboard or plastic sheet.
  2. Stick some beads or flowery object on the sheet. (Try using contrasting colour dots on alternate beads)
  3. You can even use some playful objects like cars, Lego squares, Ganesha or anything you fancy on the circular sheet.
  4. Use a highlighter pen and use it imaginatively to add some sparkle and allow the Rakhi to dry. (Try using small blobs in a circular fashion)
  5. Finally, measure a feet long thread and using the highlighter, add some strokes keeping some distance in between.
  6. Stick this thread so that the Rakhi sits exactly in the center.

(If you know your brother’s preferences, spray some long-lasting perfume just before tying)

Tip for Buying the Cherished Sweets

Girls are fast to catch their brother’s wandering eyes, especially on eatables. At least for this festival, you can argue heavily with your parents for that special sweet, which definitely will bring smile on his face and you can satisfy yourself looking at the sparkle in his eyes!

Believe us; this one initiative will strengthen the bonding with your brother, forever!

Best Dresses for the Occasion

Rakshabandhan is a special occasion and needs special dresses. Girls should try to get their wish granted with some glorious tops for that best looks! For the nosy ones, the latest combos should prove to be like a boon come true.

Rakshabandhan, is the festival which reenergizes the bonding between brother & sister, serves as the best pillar for familial relations. The thread tying ceremony, though short and sweet, is pure & pious and brings joy to both. Even parents await for this show and shower gifts, sweets, clothes and blessings to wish this camaraderie lingers forever.

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