How Your Relationship with Your Kids Will Impact Your Love Lives?

How Your Relationship with Your Kids Will Impact Your Love Lives?

There are a lot of couples who go through a lot of conflict related to child rearing. Couples conflict or fight related to bringing up their children is common, but it cannot be blamed on the children. Their conflict doesn’t mean that the parents don’t love the children but the differences can emerge on how they should care for their children. There are a lot of reasons due to which parents can have differences and some of them are described below:-

  • How the parents were raised: – How you were raised, is embedded in your personality and many a times you expect your child to be raised in the same condition. But that can’t happen, as the time has changed and a lot of things have changed. The conditions in which you were raised describe you and sometimes parents disagree on the conditions in which their children are being raised.
  • The personalities of the parents: – The personality of the parents raise conflict in between them when it comes in between their views of raising their child.
  • How busy both parents are: – If the parents are busy and they have got their own jobs, then this can also hamper their relationship with their child and ultimately their love life. Lack of time drives your children away from you and this develops a wedge between you and your child.
  • Different views of parents on discipline can cause problems: – A lot of time parents think differently about discipline and this causes a lot of problems in their life. Both the parents want to inflict their own perception on their child and this turns into arguments and disagreements between the parents.
  • Children’s chores: – Doing children chores can also be a cause of conflict between the parents. Because they want each other to share the responsibilities of doing the chores of their children.
  • Choice of the school and extracurricular activities: – Many a time the choice of the school for their children and their engagement in extracurricular activities can cause conflict between the children.
  • Special needs of children: – Special needs of the children like clothing needs, toys or any other demand causes conflict between the parents. You can go for kids shopping together because this is the time when you can bond over and let your children know that you care about them equally.

If you want to save your relationship from the never ending conflict that arise between you and your partner due to your disagreement on various situations, then you must sit and think about what you are doing and how you want to live your life.

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