How to Prevent Kids Clothes from Shrinking

How to Prevent Kids Clothes from Shrinking

Kids often outgrow a dress within a span of a few months. Hence kids clothes often cost a bomb compared to adult clothing. Obviously, parents try their best to somehow prevent the kids clothes from shrinking because then it adds one more reason for the child do discard the expensive dress.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Though this saying normally applies elsewhere, it also applies well to the kids clothes. Before clicking the order button, it makes sense to carefully read the product description can save you a lot of frustration and money at the same time. Usually, high quality polyester and cotton blends have some sort of inbuilt shrink resistance. Similarly, many 100% synthetic materials like Lycra, nylon and acrylics also happen to be shrink proof.

Cotton dresses are soft, breathable and have most decent and lovely appearance. Problem is they can easily lose a size when washed like other clothes. It is better to purchase cotton dresses which state that they are “pre-shrunk” so that the chance of shrinking any further are reduced to a great extent. Though this notion is correct, still, choosing a size bigger will not cost you much. Natural fibers like wool also present similar problems and they are best hand-washed and shade-dried for best results.

Both Natural fibers as well as Blends behave similarly

We saw that cotton and wool both have similar properties and they don’t change even when blended with synthetic or natural fibers. For this reason, it is recommended to never completely dry blended fabrics in your dryer. Hanging is the best option to keep the blended clothes from shrinking or losing their pretty shapes. You can also partially drying the blended items and then laying in shade can help them in keeping the shape.

Fibers alone are not responsible for Shrinkage

Usually dryers and washing machines get the blame there are other factors that contribute to shrinkage. For example, the washing powder used, the water temperature, how long you pre-soaked the dress and how many rinses you needed to completely remove the soap are all important.

For stubborn stains, you often pre-treat and it also somehow adds to our woes. Heavy duty wash cycles often get the toughest grime out, it also damages the fabric because of the sheer number of cycles where the water enters and oozes out of the fabric. This is the extra wear and tear and you also should include while figuring out what caused the shrinkage.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

If you also have a kid and want to save yourself from flowing money down the drain, make it a habit to always read the labels whenever you buy kids clothes. Imagine that not only the money, but time and frustration you will be saving with this one neat habit inculcated now. Initially it may appear laborious or frustrating, but once you get used to it you will find it is not only a face saver but the most intelligent thing to do!

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