How to Dress Your Kids Sensing Their Styling Needs

How to Dress Your Kids Sensing Their Styling Needs

Kids and parents are constantly on the lookout for new additions to wardrobe every now and then. Problem is every season needs different clothes like in winter you need woolens though cotton works well in every season. New trends come in every season compelling them to purchase and keep pace with fashion trends.

Add a touch of Fun & Colour for Kids Dresses

When looking something for your little girl, you can easily add a touch of colour and fun. Buying tees for little girls with pastel strips or polka dots allows your girls to make a totally different style statement altogether. Polka dot prints are available in different sizes and hues and you should buy the one which matches your kids’ energy level. Attractive embellishments can be created using appliques of anchors, or a large brass button, and pirates along with white and blue stripes. You can easily style the delight of your child with striped frock or tee, or a pair of white pants or shorts for girls having brass buttons and white or navy loafers.

Don’t be afraid of Experimenting with Polka Dots

Polka dots are always in vogue and you can easily use them to create some great designs. The best part is the kids have a special fondness for them. The polka dot patterns can easily be worn with other designs like floral prints and stripes. Here, just take care that they are either complementary or in the same color with that of the group of the attire. If something new comes to you mind, do not be afraid of pairing the polka dots with different designs and who knows, you may turn up with some special dress no one thought about it yet!

Bring Pastels to add another dimension

Pastels are definitely feminine and used more often in creating best dresses for girls that more often than not are show stealers. Usually we see light hues like blues, lilacs, greens, baby pink and baby lemon for creating frocks. Pastels make for some great dresses for girls which can be worn on any occasion like marriages and parties and any embellishment can be thrown on top for that oomph effect.

Pastels are the one that help bring out true shades of your princess. Believe us, she will be the eyeball of the party and have the best attention of all who have gathered. To add some contrast, add dark & long ear-pieces or a contrasting locket and matching trinkets in hands and the look is complete. The only thing left is some contemporary hairdo and your showstopper is ready to dazzle.

How Style helps your kids express!

The style is something what defines you and fashion is your self-expression. If your kid enjoys the color but even if the design you got them is out-of-fashion, you don’t have to worry as they will look smart when wearing. Girls have the god-gifted ability of finding appreciation and this gives them confidence. Now, that is the essence of any style statement.

Sometimes kids are more smart than their parents and often carry simple dresses with ease. If parents could simply know their kids’ preferences, creating versatile combinations can be a tad easy. But one thing is sure, polka dots & pastels are some options that can never go wrong and when used intelligently, can create dresses that dazzle at every occasion!

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