How to Boost Your Kids’ Self Confidence in Dressing Right

How to Boost Your Kids’ Self Confidence in Dressing Right

Self-confidence is the best outfit
allow your children to rock it and own it!

Today kids have something in them that they stick to their preferences on everything including food, clothes and even styling. While fashion may not be on your mind but since they have to stay and grow in the system, it will be a part of their development. We would like to help you to implement a few practices so that your kids can also grow with fashion and you can keep a tab on them.

Allow a Free Hand

Let them choose their clothes and dress up. You just watch what they do and how do they mix and match. Arrange their drawers nicely so that easy to wear clothes should be easily accessible. If they put their clothes back carelessly, pin point then and there.

Celebrate their Combinations

Observe how the little girls match their tops and bottoms and celebrate if their choice is apt (no matter if the dress does not appeal to you). You can always discuss on which colour is a big no against the other. We all know there is no such thing as perfect and if they get it right, congratulate with a big kiss. If you feel they could do better with some samples, this latest combos can be shown online.

Let their understanding grow with age

Our body shape changes as we grow and while deciding on any dress, we should keep them in mind. Also ask them to avoid blindly following anyone because not every colour suits all. Similarly not every hairdo suits every face cut and not every hair colour and style looks better on a person. Here, at this stage some fashion tips can come handy and used to avoid a faux pass.

Keep a Watchful Eye and Intervene when necessary

Your kids should know they just cannot wear any dress they fancy and move out. The final decision will be yours when kidswear for a special occasion or while going out or when some guests come home. It won’t look good if you pressurize them so give them a leeway where they can overlook a few guidelines.

Sometimes kids to get carried away and then deciding on the right approach is not always possible. They should know that you are always approachable and believe us, they will come to you to resolve the matter.

Fashionista is not the goal, looking peppy is!

Whatever the moment, looking peppy should be the first choice. Also, your kid should know how to carry the dress they are wearing. Good mannerisms, body language and how hard you try to protect your dresses is something which is keenly observed. It is the overall look that matters the most and when you try to achieve perfection, even one slip can cost you your image.

Your presence, as parent at every stage of your kids’ life, helps them pass the test of fashion. Your guidance, their self-belief and nurtured-ideas craft them into a confident self. When everyone appreciates their overall looks and confidence, it is evident they have put the right foot forward.

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