Celebrating Festive Week with Three Holidays

Wow this year’s special August is here signaling the end of the no-holiday months. This is not just a cake but layered with whipped cream and cherry topped! The period starts with Rakshabandhan on the 7th followed by Janmashtami on 14th and Independence Day on 15th. In fact, the celebrations start on 12th because schools will observe Independence Day on Saturday and kids know there won’t be any studies.

Rakshabandhan, the pious festival
Kids’ eyes sparkle as Rakshabandhan lurks around the corner and why not? Both boys & girls get to move around in good dresses with choicest sweets. All expenses are taken care of by the parents; girls though getting the safety assurance, have the task of selecting the best possible Rakhi for their brothers. Boys, on the other hand just move around and wait for the occasion dreaming about which combination dress they should wear.

While kids eagerly await the festival to arrive, shops selling designer threads and sweets constantly remind you of the occasion. All roadside shops load themselves with festive packs of snacks, juices and dry fruits and avoiding them is a big task of its own. Garment shops too join in the fun and display their latest clothes in choicest arrangement.

On the D-day, girls tie the thread on their brother’s arms when the latter assures her of safety. Though this ceremony lasts a few moments, the increased bonding between siblings is for all to see. Even parents yearn to see the magic in front.

Janmashtami, celebrating arrival of Krishna the Saviour
All temples and religious institutions display various scenes from Krishna’s birth. People throng in large numbers and recall the stories they heard in their childhood. In the crowd you may spot many kids dressed up as Bala Krishnas, complete with peacock feather, crown and the unmistakable flute. The presence of so many Krishnas makes for an amazing view. The slightly bigger kids, who have grown past the Bala Krishna age, wear smart dresses and make their presence felt.

The temples which lead the pack are from ISKON dedicated to Lord Krishna. Their expertise in depicting Krishna’s life events in beautifully decorated scenes is second to none. The scenes are complete with superb lighting and other animation sequences. People make a beeline to visit these temples in the evening and feel blessed.

Enjoying the tough Dahi Handi Tussle!
A pot full of sweets, gifts and money is tied at a height. Kids are expected to join a human pyramid and break the pot and make merry. All of the kids dressed as Krishna are lined up and the lightest one is selected to reach the top. But the job is no mean task as opponents pour water from rooftops triggering the slip. The cheerleaders dressed in attractive combos make a lot of noise and confuse the participants. After many tries and slip-downs, when some kid manages to reach the top and break the pot, the tussle ends.

With this, people hug each other and wrap the festivity.

Celebrating Independence Day that makes us proud!
The 70th Independence Day is arriving and we are inching towards a platinum anniversary. Though India has made good strides, progressing in all directions we celebrate each year to show the world how fast we developed in so less time.

Thank & Remember the Freedom fighters for laying their Lives!
This is the least–as kids–you can do. Think about our glorious leaders and pray for a minute or so. Feel proud of living in an independent country and thank those who sacrificed their lives so that we could breathe in free air!

Lastly, sing along your school mates the national anthem loudly, in sync maintaining the melody. Sing with the belief that your feelings reach the brave martyrs’ soul.

Why only kids, even elders relish extra holidays. Added festivals sweeten the mood and increase the fun quotient. Rakhi increases familial bonding and Janmashtami helps families to go for an outing and Independence Day fills everyone’s heart with pride. All in all, a very satisfying and fruitful festive week lies ahead.

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