Benefits of Reading to Your Kids

Benefits of Reading to Your Kids

In today’s fast paced life, everyone of us is busy in our schedules. Night time is the only one when family members are at ease and interact freely without any hurry. Dinner table is the first place where they join together and at bed time, usually either mom or dad or both have some close moments with their kids.

Bed time is just apt for inculcating some good values. Tender age is just ripe for moulding any which way parents want and probably, this is the best time to do so. Reading an ideological, mythological or even some inspirational stories go down well. There is peace all over, the mind is more receptive to suggestions and slowly but steadily your interaction builds you kids’ brain and it also increases the bonding.

Inculcate Good Habits within the same time frame

The importance of punctuality, cleanliness, good housekeeping can be suggested mildly. Smilingly you can emphasize the importance of preserving clothes so that they last long. You can also explain the importance of neatly stacking skirts, shirts and tops for girls on one side and boys trousers, and Jeans at another side in the almirah. Also show them how some of the big dresses like skirts, sets & outfits can safely be put on a hanger.

These habits will work for them in good stead, especially when they grow up. They will never be dependent on anyone and be self-sufficient in every aspect.

Kids often idolize their parents and if they see them in night suits, even they will make sure to follow the decorum and wear proper clothes at night, at bed time.

It is Your Moment Make It Special

Pick up an interesting topic and set out on an adventure every night. Make use of your expressions, broaden your eyes, make different faces to make the discussion special and enjoy the roller coaster drive with your kids.

Indirect Benefits of Reading to your Kid

  1. Your kids will see how you join the topics and sometime ahead they will also try to do the same. This exercise will enhance their communication skills.
  2. When you read kids listen and slowly, their listening skills improve. When they grow up, paying attention in classrooms will not at all be difficult.
  3. Your kid learns how to enjoy each others company and how to respond at times to enhance this feeling.
  4. It also helps develop social and emotional patterns because of the variations in story line.
  5. Moral values settle deep within and they stay like that forever and help build character.
  6. Fixed time reading hints the brain to cool it off and get ready to sleep. This helps fixing a sleeping time and working body clock is always beneficial.
  7. Within a few nights, you get to know their inclination and this could be used in selecting future studies.
  8. Listening at a tender age ensures they learn all the vocabulary by heart and even their oratory skills get some foundation.
  9. A child who has been read to will definitely want to learn to read on their own. They will want to do what parents did. But if a child never sees anyone pick up a book, even they won’t be having that desire.
  10. Research shows that children who are read to three to five times a week are six months ahead of their peers in terms of reading acumen. This means even if they are held up for some reason, they have enough time to catch up and level.

Reading books at a fixed time has multiple benefits. The child is happy for having exclusive time with parents, and mind is attentive as it expects some good adventurous journey ahead. With love and affection, the kid’s brain develops and the foundation for a disciplined future is readied.

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